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Underwater Imaging Program

Lets face it – we all want to have great pictures to enhance our memories of diving. Whether it is of those reef creatures we made friends with or that group shot in front of the wreck, we all want great images.

The Hamden Scuba Underwater Imaging program is designed to enhance your skills both above and below the surface. We have courses, workshops and clinics designed for everyone from Snorkelers to Professional divers using point and shoot cameras to Go Pros.

We offer PADI certification as:

As well as conducting Digital Photography Workflow Workshops, your Hamden Scuba PADI Pros will escort you on dives designed to develop and test your skills and knowledge of assembling imaging equipment, composing and processing digital images.

What to do next?

Contact us to get your eLearning Code today and then request an Imaging Adventure Dive with your Hamden Scuba PADI Pro and get out there diving.

Meet with Tim, Pierre or Kevin to set up your training plan to build your skills and schedule your in water training and workshops.

Join us on our travel programs to experience different dive environments to refine your skills

Who can benefit from this program?

Underwater Digital Photographer Level 1 is open to all with an interest in taking great pictures underwater - this course can be taken by snorkelers and divers alike


Underwater Digital Photographer Level 2 and above requires PADI Open Water (Jr.) certification and can be completed in conjunction with your Open Water course or Advanced Open Water course.

Pierre-Jean Arvers
Hamden Scuba PADI Pro
Underwater Photographer
Tim Areson
Hamden Scuba PADI Pro
Underwater Photographer
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