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We generally complete this course when we are diving at:

  • At all locations

  • Non diving locations


Investment: $125 (Take Project AWARE and Coral Reef Conservation together for 2 c-Cards for the special price of $185) 

Project AWARE Specialist


While we run our AWARE courses on demand, we make a point of running these courses during the winter months. This accomplishes a number of goals. First it increases awareness of environmental issues that we encounter regularly while diving. Second it allows us to make plans for environmental activities that may be organized during diving season. Third, it presents our divers with an excellent opportunity to  bring other people into our underwater world, so that they can see why we are so enthusiastic about strapping SCUBA units to our backs and heading out on our dives.


The course is open to all that have a keen interest in the environment whether divers or not..


When you schedule your course you will receive your link to both the manual and video for the course. By studying before class, you’ll be better prepared to take onboard the material that we cover as well as being ready to discuss the knowledge reviews associated with the program.



Contact us today about scheduling your next adventure


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