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Squirt bottle: What is this and what is it for?

Scuba Diving, Hamden Connecticut

Many of you will have seen a bottle like this at your local dive operation, sitting there on a picnic table next to the gear or at the side of a swimming pool and wondered what do they use that for? First of all, it is diluted baby shampoo (if you are not sure make sure you ask before using it!). Not seeing many babies at the dive site you may wonder why we have it there and what is it used for in SCUBA. Here are some of the uses of this wonderful concoction that smells to good.

  1. Mask defog. A quick squirt of this on the inside of your mask acts as a defog for your mask. There are many commercially available defog solutions out there and ever the spit in the mask method, but the no tears formula in this solution works wonders. Squirt it on the dry inside of your mask at the picnic table, give it a quick rinse when you get into the water and enjoy a fog free dive.

  2. Should your wetsuit “shrink” a little and you find it difficult to get it on over arms and legs, a gout coating of the baby shampoo does wonders for slipping into the suit. Still having trouble getting it on, combine the spray with a plastic bag and your will find that the suit conforms a lot easier. Remember to take your plastic bag home with you and don’t leave it at our dive sites!

  3. Problem finding – for those old enough to remember patching a bicycle tube, you will remember inflating the tube and then putting the tube in some soapy water to see the bubble where the leak is. Same approach can be used with dive gear, whether it is a dry

suit that is drip drip dripping or a BCD that needs a patch or some aqua seal at the dive site, this spray is your go too tool for finding the pinhole.

There you have it – easy to tell if it is baby shampoo by its telltale scent. Make some for your own use or come use ours! Enjoy your diving.

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